About the Kollel

The Passaic Clifton Community KollelĀ is a unique Torah institution in our community.

The Kollel is a serious full day Makom Torah preparing Yungerleit for their future roles in Klal Yisroel.

We are dedicated to YOU the community, bringing an atmosphere where all are welcome and wanted to come learn and grow.

We want you to come learn with us whatever, however, and whenever you are able! This is our partnership with you for Torah IN and WITH the Community!

Rabbi Chaim Krause
Rosh Kollel


Kollel Programs

Kollel Boker

Community Night Seder

Sunday Morning Learning

Legal Holiday Yarchei Kallah

Prominent Guest Shiurim

Summer Sunday Morning Avos Ubonim

Timely Events

Dirshu Programs

Chavrusa Shadchan